Pipe Break in Middletown, New Jersey

Job Completed for Pipe Break in Middletown, New Jersey

Completion Date: 2020-07-03

Customer Type: n/a

Location: Middletown, NJ

About this project:

This home in Middletown, New Jersey, experienced a pipe break that occurred behind the dishwasher. The break occurred a week prior to when the homeowner noticed the damage. Due to the extent of time that moisture was present, mold had begun to develop. When Northeast Power Dry project manager, Scott Upshaw, arrived at the residence, he thoroughly inspected the damage. Upon inspection, asbestos materials were detected in the property. It was unfortunate that mold and asbestos were in her home, but Scott had the resources to resolve the issue effectively. He determined that all damp materials needed to be removed from the space due to the amount of time they have been soaking up the water. Scott communicated the full scope of work to the customer. Once all damaged materials were removed, and the area was cleaned, technicians installed drying equipment. Using 3 dehumidifiers and 1 air scrubber, the home was dry in 3 days.

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