Sewer Line Stoppage Clean-Up in Westfield, NJ

Job Completed for Sewer Line Stoppage Clean-Up in Westfield, NJ

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Location: Westfield, NJ

About this project:

This home in Westfield, New Jersey, experienced water damage due to a sewer line stoppage in the bathroom. The water started to come out of the owner’s toilet when they did a load of laundry. NEPD project manager, Adam Steig immediately arrived at the loss address and fully inspected the damage. He communicated the full scope of work to the customer and satisfied all of the customer’s questions regarding the job. After that was completed, our technicians did the removal of drywall for proper drying, cleanup, and sanitization of all areas affected in the property. Adam then made an experienced decision to use 1 dehumidifier, 1 air scrubber, and 11 air movers to dry the property.

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