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Faucet Pipe Break in Flemington, NJ

This home in Flemington, New Jersey, suffered from a broken pipe line to the faucet in their partially finished basement. The break caused about 2 inches of standing water to affect the area. The tile flooring, wood paneling, baseboards, and walls were damaged. When Northeast Power Dry project manager, Adam, arrived at the home, he extracted the water from the basement and instructed 2 technicians to install 25 air movers, 2 dehumidifiers, and 2 air scrubbers. In only 4 days, the property was completely dry and all equipment was retrieved. 

Sump Pump Failure in Asbury, NJ

A call came in from a homeowner in Asbury, NJ stating that they were experiencing a sump pump failure in their home, affecting their unfinished basement. This caused standing water in half of their basement and some microbial growth. Our crew arrived with 6 air movers, one dehumidifier, and one air scrubber to clean and dry the area. After 4 hours, the area was cleaned and the drying equipment was set up. The area was completely dried after 3 days.

Pipe Burst in Allentown, NJ

This home in Allentown, NJ experienced a pipe burst from the toilet. This caused flooding in the bathroom and hallway and additionally caused leaking in the kitchen ceiling. After removing flooring, our technicians were able to successfully dry and sanitize the affected areas with 30 fans, 3 dehumidifiers, and 1 hardwood machine.

Pipe Break in Hampton, NJ

This home in Hampton, NJ experienced a pipe break from the upstairs shower that ultimately affected the downstairs gym and hallway area. Due to the pipe break, there was a microbial growth of mold that required a mold test. After the mold was removed, our technicians used 2 injectidry, 2 dehumidifiers, and 10 air movers in order to successfully dry and sanitize the affected areas.

Water Heater Leak in Princeton Junction, NJ

This home in Princeton Junction, NJ suffered from a water heater leak that affected the basement. Specifically, the laundry room and crawlspace of the basement were affected. In order to dry the affected areas, our technicians used 4 air movers and 2 dehumidifiers.

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