Sewer Backup in Basement

Job completed for Sewer Backup in Basement

Completion date: 2019-12-19

Location:Belleville, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

In Belleville, New Jersey, a residential building suffered from a broken drain line leak that caused a sewer backup in the partially finished basement. The tile floors, drywall, paneling, and baseboard materials were damaged throughout the area. The water was contaminated with sewage, causing the loss to be classified as a category 3. The homeowner was in need of immediate assistance in restoring and cleaning their property

Solutions Provided:

Adam Steig, experienced Northeast Power Dry project manager, arrived at the home to resolve the situation. The project manager coordinated communication between the homeowner and our team to complete the job correctly. Technicians extracted the water from the hard surfaces and removed wet paneling in the cellar area. 10 air movers, 1 air scrubber, and 1 dehumidifier were then installed by technicians to expedite the drying process. The Northeast Power Dry crew was happy to work with the customer in doing whatever they could to minimize stress and restore the property.

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