Sump Pump Failure

Job completed for Sump Pump Failure

Completion date: 2018-06-20

Location:Basking Ridge, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

This homeowner in Basking Ridge, NJ experienced a sump pump failure in the semi-finished basement of the home. The rooms in the basement that were affected were the utility room, the main room, and the office. In these rooms, the concrete flooring and carpeting were affected so our crew needed to remove the carpeting in order to successfully sanitize the affected area. There was a substantial amount of content in the basement that required manipulation before being able to start the drying process.

Solutions Provided:

After our technicians moved the content, they began to remove 2 foot cuts from the exterior walls in order to remove the affected insulation. There needed to be surface extraction in order to remove the standing water from the affected areas. After the precaution steps were made, they were able to use 27 air movers, 2 large dehumidifiers, and 2 air scrubbers. to finish the drying process. After 12 hours and 4 technicians, our crew was able to successfully sanitize and start the drying process in the home. The customer was extremely pleased to see the results!

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