Toilet Backup in Basement

Job completed for Toilet Backup in Basement

Completion date: 2019-07-08

Location:Highland Park, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

In Highland Park, New Jersey, a homeowner experienced a clogged toilet line that caused a backup in their basement. Water soaked into the carpeting and up the walls. The sheetrock, paneling, carpet, padding, vinyl floor, insulation, and baseboards were affected throughout 5 rooms in the basement.

Solutions Provided:

When Project Manager, Adam, arrived at the residence, he inspected the area. Upon inspection, Jason, a technician, removed a small panel of wood to check the insulation. As he removed the panel, he discovered that there was a second leak originating from the shower drain pipe. A plumber was then called to resolve this issue and the homeowner was advised not to use the shower until further notice. Our Northeast Power Dry crew was able to find the second leak because of our thorough inspection and skilled technicians. If Northeast Power Dry did not receive a call, the homeowner would have suffered more water damage and potential mold in the future due to the shower pipe leak. After all of the damaged materials were removed, and the area was fully sanitized, 17 air movers, 2 dehumidifiers, 2 air scrubbers, and 3 injectidry machines were installed to complete the drying process. Additionally, our team communicated with the customer and was able to schedule the equipment set up and monitoring with regards to the homeowner’s religious practices.

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