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Peter Filipiak

Northeast Power Dry

Title: Sales Manager

Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ

Peter Filipiak from Northeast Power Dry

Peter has been working at Northeast Power Dry since 2010 - that’s over 8 years now! Currently, he works as the Sales Manager where he supervises and leads the production team. Prior to NEPD, his experience with construction has given him excellent knowledge for this industry. Peter is also LLC certified in Serum Products and Lead Safety for Renovation, Repair, and Painting. These certifications allow him to provide our customers with the most professional and reliable service.

Something Peter enjoys about the job are the people of Northeast Power Dry. Being able to work extremely well together and learn from each other every day is one of his favorite perks. His favorite part of his job is being able to help people both inside and outside of the community. Not only is he able to help people here at NEPD, but also is able to help restore homes in the communities around us. He is constantly training and managing the sales and production teams to ensure that they are providing help to our customers as quickly as possible!

Currently, Peter lives in Hillsborough, New Jersey where he enjoys spending time with his daughters. He also enjoys being outdoors, either mountain biking or swimming.


Customer Reviews
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  • By John W.
    Princeton, NJ

    Customer Review

    By John W.
    Princeton, NJ

  • By Priya R.
    Cranford, NJ

    "Having your basement flooded is a nightmare - NE Power Dry was referred to us by our plumber that fixed our sump pump. These guys..."

    Customer Review

    By Priya R.
    Cranford, NJ

    Having your basement flooded is a nightmare - NE Power Dry was referred to us by our plumber that fixed our sump pump. These guys were fabulous. The rep (Peter) was on site in 60 mins as told me to on the call. He measured the room, showed me the dampness on his gadget, walked me thru the entire scenario including what would need to be done in case the first measures were not effective. He immediately calmed me down with his professionalism. Andrew turned up in an hour with all the fans, piping and dehumidifier, set it up in under 2 hours. Very considerate in taping all the wires and pipes so no one would trip any where. 2 days later, Scott came in to measure the readings and everything looked great - and he suggested one more day. Today the final crew came in and removed all the equipment. Couple of things I appreciate about the company is that there were no hidden surprises. I knew what I was paying for, all the equipment was explained to me, back up plans were clearly outlined. Any time any of the team were expected, without fail, I got a call saying they were on their way. All the technicians had on company t-shirts/uniforms with their names clearly visible.

  • By Kevin Q.
    Hoboken, NJ

    Customer Review

    By Kevin Q.
    Hoboken, NJ

Case Studies I've worked on:

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Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Hot Water Heater Leak in Dover, NJ
    Hot Water Heater Leak in Dover, NJ

    Hot Water Heater Leak in Dover, NJ

     A customer in Dover, New Jersey, experienced a furnace leak in his kitchen that affected the kitchen and office. The laminate flooring in the kitchen stored the water from the leak beneath it, causing mold to grow. Peter felt that the best course of action would be to use 1 dehumidifier, 1 air scrubber, and 1 air mover to dry the areas properly. The equipment took about 3 hours to install so that the drying process could begin. After the equipment was removed the project manager returned to apply serum to kill the mold that had grown due to the water damage.

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