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Sewer Backup in Dover, NJ

A call came in from a property owner in Dover, NJ that had a sewer backup in the basement.  We sent our project manager, Nikko, to the home to inspect the damage.  Upon inspection, Nikko determined that the cleanup would require the floors to be steam cleaned, disinfected and dried with four air movers, one dehumidifier, and one air scrubber.  The basement was completely dried in three days. 

Sewer Backup in Keansburg, NJ

This home in Keansburg, NJ suffered from a sewage backup in the basement. This affected the carpeting in the finished basement as well as the drywall in the bathroom. Our crew arrived at the home immediately with disinfectant, 1 air scrubber, 1 dehumidifier, and 6 air movers to clean and dry the affected areas. They also removed the damaged drywall in the bathroom. This process took around 7 hours to complete, and the equipment was left to dry the home for 3 days.

Sewer Leak in Shrewsbury, NJ

This home in Shrewsbury, NJ experienced a sewer leak that occurred in the unfinished basement of the home. The leak affected the content and the flooring in the basement. Our crew used 1 large dehumidifier, 1 air scrubber, and 3 air movers in order to dry the affected areas. Our technicians also steam cleaned and disinfected the affected areas.

Sewer Backup in Red Bank, NJ

This home in Red Bank, NJ experienced a sewer backup. The backup occurred in the bathroom on the second floor and leaked downstairs to the bathroom in the kitchen. Our crew was able to successfully dry the affected areas with 6 fans and 1 dehumidifier. 

Sewage Backup in Deal, NJ

A call came in from a homeowner in Deal, NJ that had a sewage backup in their basement.  We sent our project manager, Nikko, to the home to inspect the damage.  The sewage on the concrete floors needed to be shoveled out and the floors disinfected.  The cleanup required two technicians for three hours, two dehumidifiers, and one air scrubber.  The job was dry and completed on the third day.  

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