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Toilet Overflow Cleanup in Bridgewater, Bound Brook, Edison

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A clogged up pipe leading to sewers or a malfunction in the tank might cause a toilet to overflow.

When this happens, it is not only unpleasant but can create serious health hazards as well. The water from the toilet is unclean and contaminated which will deteriorate the living environment of your home. Normal flooding will drench your valuable contents and give birth to mold and fungus, but a contaminated toilet flood might cause severe health hazards.
If you live in Bridgewater, Bound Brook, Edison, Northeast Power Dry can help. Call us at 848-208-3737 and we will clean up the mess.

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Professional Overflow Cleanup in Central New Jersey

If objects like tissues, feminine napkins, or soft-water toys drop and get flushed in your toilet it can clog the pipe. This prevents water to pass, resulting in the water to back up on the surface.

A damaged toilet tank can also be another reason. Toilet tanks are supposed to shut off the water supply once the tank is full, but a glitch in the system can cause a constant supply of water causing a flood.

Northeast Power Dry has an emergency restoration team for water damage emergencies, as soon as we get your call our crew will be on their way. We will pump out the flooded water and clean up the affected area, then we will inspect the cause of the overflow and fix it. After that, we will make sure all the damaged items are taken care of. If your carpet or furniture is affected, our drying service will make sure everything is back to its previous state.

A flooded toilet can cause structural damage, contaminate air, and damage furniture and draperies, so call Northeast Power Dry to restore your residence or commercial space from further damages. Our certified technicians are trained on the latest water remediation techniques following the IICRC standards.

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