Northeast Power Dry Customer Review

We send a job completion survey to each customer after project completion. If customers give us permission to publish the reviews, we post them on this page.

Katalin T. Nagy
14:58 07 Jun 23
Quick and profitiont work
18:14 05 Jun 23
Hector, his crew, Paul, and dispatch all deserve 5 stars. I had some really frustrating and disappointing experience with Edmund the project manager that his supervisor Paul had to correct. He was dishonest, tried to decline explaining an extra charge I wasn’t expecting, and considering that he started as a really great contrast against some of the shadier guys who came by, gave nebulous estimates, and when pressed for details, didn’t even come up with the correct numbers of rooms in the basement, etc etc? I was super disappointed with his behavior. Made me certain I was being double charged for something and then scammed — when actually? It boiled down to a simple mistake I would not have even been annoyed about had he admitted and addressed it. Shouldn’t have happened, especially the way he spoke to me, but Paul handled the explanation AND reached out to resolve the broken trust. His dishonesty and inability to explain some very simple math raised red flags about credit card fraud — NEVER accept an explanation from someone you’ve contracted for a service if they can’t also put it in writing. And this wasn’t even a real issue! After speaking to Paul? It’s even more baffling that Edmund couldn’t just give me the numbers.Hector had no such issues. He came in with great teams, and I couldn’t have asked for a better group. I don’t remember everyone’s names, but he, Felix, and several other guys were absolutely fantastic every day they had to come by. Our situation in the basement was difficult, and I’m sure it was a pain for Hector and his team. But they never once complained, were super polite about a messy messy space, and incredibly hardworking and sensitive to boot.I also want to highlight that even dispatch was great about keeping me informed about any changes or delays. I work remotely, and too many take that to mean they can come by whenever, and not give me any heads up. Two other companies (and Edmund, tbh) recently pulled that nonsense.By contrast? NEPD dispatchers and Hector both did a great job of keeping me appraised of the schedule — even though my phone is broken! They had to sometimes try a couple diff ways to reach me, and were always thorough to make sure I saw messages.Altogether, everyone I spoke to was fantastically helpful, very friendly, and I really couldn’t imagine better service. The estimates/billing side issues included, I still would recommend NJ Power Dry. Just make sure whoever is running your estimate is completely clear about what you’re going to see as the final numbers, not just certain pieces, and to be completely clear about WHEN charges might show up, if they show up later than stated they should.
Scott Six
13:09 03 Jun 23
Bryan and his team, as well as Adli the project manager, from Northeast PowerDry arrived less than 90 minutes after I called, and the cleanup crew was on-site less than one hour later. They were careful and professional, explained what they were doing and why, and ended a very bad day on a positive note.
Elena Cruz
16:58 01 Jun 23
Mario and Wilfredo were abosultely amazing. They were on time and thoroughly explained their process. They definitely made this stressful time more bearable. I am highly appreciative of them.
Kamlesh Joshi
16:43 01 Jun 23
Jonathan and Aldo worked hard to make sure the site properly maintained, clean, remove all debris and home environment is in healthy conditions.... Their dedication and attention are awesome...
Dean Hurley
14:29 31 May 23
Bryan Vargas-Hernandez and team are awesome. Terrific work!
David Cahall
16:13 29 May 23
The NE Power Dry was very responsive arriving within hours after the request. Efficient team set up the drying fans and dehumidifiers in both rooms quickly after the order was sent after their project leader examine the damage. Daily follow up calls. System removed on time as previously stated after measurement confirmed that drying parameters had been attained. Thank you.
Dylan Adam
18:21 27 May 23
Jorge and Jeremy are great!
Jeffrey Freeman
14:39 27 May 23
Great job guys
norman mcalister
23:18 23 May 23
Arrived early, worked hard and quickly. He exlained what they did and asked for any questions. Definitly👍👍.
Angela Smedley
22:12 23 May 23
Tanya Cleary
22:44 22 May 23
Julio, Francisco and Alexander were extremely professional. They took the time to explain the process and answered all of our questions. I would definitely recommend Northeast Powerdry to any on need if there serves.
Ben Mesika
05:09 20 May 23
Outstanding experience working with Hector and Juan. Both were professional, personable, friendly and extraordinarily clean. Can’t thank those two enough for the great work they did for us. A+ service and highly, highly recommended.
22:06 19 May 23
Mario & Francisco were very professional and thorough. They were able to answer all my questions.
Jason Yee-Chan
15:38 18 May 23
Mario and Salvador were quick, professional and efficient. They took care of our home and left the area impacted clean and orderly. Gregory was very informative for the intake and overall management of the project. He came out immediately and answered questions late into the night Will add more details after the work completes and the insurance discussions are finalized, but for now would highly recommend!
Penny Jeffers
23:20 16 May 23
We’re thankful they were prompt and polite.
Guy Stanzione
14:16 14 May 23
Bryan did an outstanding job explaining the work being done and was able to further identify an issue. By him noticing the issue, it avoided a bigger problem in the future. While removing the floor trim, he suspected there might be an additional water problem. By reviewing a closer he realized there was a pipe leak, which would have caused considerably more damage if not diagnosed and remediated. Bryan is a pleasure to workwith.
Karen Stanzione
01:16 14 May 23
We had a sump pump failure causing water to partially damage our basement. Auston provided exemplary service, explaining the process in extremely clear detail. He made, what could have been a horrible experience, one that appears to have a positive outcome. Auston was extremely patient and understanding. He offered to and made the necessary calls to my insurance company. He also explained the payment options, allowing me to make the decision to worked best for me. Auston represents his company with a high level of professionalism and humanity and is an asset to his company.
Lawrence Wissman
11:30 12 May 23
Jodi Logan
18:08 11 May 23
Mario and Jorge did an great job and will bd return to check on the work in a few day
Rhonda Accardi
14:48 11 May 23
Jonatan was helpful , careful, professional and responsive to all my questions. Excellent job. Thank you Jonatan !
Anthony Defreitas
14:04 11 May 23
House was flooded, wife went ballistic, Northeast Power Dry in Bridgewater saved the day. I highly recommend them!
Samir Patel
22:04 09 May 23
Mario, Rodimus and Salvador did a great job
Bob Dupre
15:14 08 May 23
Mario, John, and Alexander were great. They were prompt, professional and congenial. We are very satisfied.
Brandis Puryear
14:19 08 May 23
Bryan was very knowledgeable and patient as he walked me through the process.
stephen Callas
23:03 07 May 23
NE Power Dry has been excellent. There professional and competent service has made a very difficult situation as best it can be. All crews were courteous and did excellent work. My project manager Edmund always responded immediately, was helpful and knowledgeable and worked in a professional manner with my insurance company to get the job done. Highly recommend!
kathleen walsh
17:36 07 May 23
I am so grateful to the team for how quickly and professionally they responded to my problem. Dave explained in detail how they would proceed and how the entire process would be. He thoroughly checked the basement for water damage and provided me with a summary of the damage. He assisted me with the call to the insurance company and quickly scheduled a time for the team to carry out the process. Bryan and his team did an amazing job of removing all of the damaged material, organizing the furniture and stuff in the basement, remediating the damage and setting up all the equipment. He too explained in detail what they had done and set up an appointment to check on the results. They make an amazing team; so professional, knowledgeable, efficient and kind. Thanks to all!!!Edwin and Said came to make a final assessment of the moisture in the basement and the success of drying out the basement. They too were very helpful in explaining what the results were, efficiently and carefully removed all the equipment and reassured me of the process. Their professionalism and efficiency made the final part of the remediation a positive experience. Flooding in the basement is a very upsetting experience, so having this great team made me feel in control and removed the fear this event generated for me. Thank you to all!
Beth Skoldberg
23:28 06 May 23
Our entire floor, baseboards, and some dry wall needed to be removed due to water damage. Mario and John were both very professional and polite during the whole process. Their work was incredibly efficient and they took care to clean everything that was affected.
Patty Haber
18:52 06 May 23
Bryan vargas and his crew are awesome.
Magdalena Aders
16:49 04 May 23
Wonderful service. I highly recommend them to anyone who has experienced a flood in their home. I was amazed at how quickly they responded and got things done. All of the workers were exceptionally courteous, professional, considerate, and thoroughly respectful of property. Because of their carefulness and dedication, everything was kept safe. I had a lake in my basement when I called them! Compliments to Julio and his team for their work immediately following the flood; to Jorge and Sai'd for the follow -up work, and Gregory who set everything up. Keep up the great work.
Laura C
14:44 04 May 23
Outstanding team and service! Extremely professional. Unfortunately, this was the 2nd time in the span of 5 weeks that I used them, but was relieved to have them the 2nd time because I knew I was in great hands. Auston is so patience and thorough! Along with the crew chief, Jeno, that took care of everything. I mean everything!! I trust these guys and can validate that they do extremely good work!!
Kate Thompson
21:26 03 May 23
Julio and his team of Said and Aldo came quickly and worked into the night to cleanup our basement after a flood ! They were so awesome and I would definitely recommend them for your home !
Gary Hendler
23:16 02 May 23
Hector and his team were very informative, efficient and helpful.
Brian Keaton
22:26 02 May 23
Julio was helpful, friendly, and informative. Thanks!
Mind of Gerinth
22:07 02 May 23
Hector and Jorge spent 9 hrs on the water removal and clenup and were amazing the entire time
Marci Robinson
19:03 02 May 23
I could not have been any happier with the services of Northeast....especially Bryan Vargas-Hernandez and his team . He went above and beyond the make sure that I received prompt professional service....from beginning to end! They certainly exceeded my expectations!
jamie merold
15:06 02 May 23
Jeno Sanchez and Francisco Madero and the team did excellent job. Professional olive helpful cleaned up and ensured I was happy with their work
Stephanie Blonder
23:12 01 May 23
Mario and Roberto were a great to work with, they were very quick to respond to our emergency, highly recommend!
Thank you Mario and team for helping us with our flooded basement
Jim Capano
21:40 29 Apr 23
Jerry Shaw
15:47 29 Apr 23
My wife an I experienced a water leak from our kitchen faucet. The only indication was a water spot on our bedroom carpet. Well it was a very large water leak when the carpet was pulled back there was a lot of damage this was discovered on Thursday on Friday we had a crew led by J Munoz and F Madero to clean up and start the recovery some of the wet carpet was removed and other things had to be done they were very professional and removed dry wall clean up some mold remove moldings and then bring in fans They did a really great job. J Shaw
Matthew Tangorra
21:10 28 Apr 23
Mario Gomez and his crew Alex and Wilfredo were knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with. All my questions were answered.
To A
20:50 28 Apr 23
Met with Julio and Francisco on job-site to perform water mitigation service. Very professional and informed. 5 star services and would definitely recommend!
16:47 28 Apr 23
Joshuaere very helpful and professional.Great job!
02:08 28 Apr 23
Sta Fra
01:47 28 Apr 23
Joshua and Mario were a pleasure to work with their great technicians they came out spotted the problem and immediately went to rectify it. I'm so happy with my service. I 100% recommend this company their service was excellent.Thank you so much.Sincerely a happy customer😍
Avis Strawder
11:27 26 Apr 23
Francisco was the wing man to Julio they were in sink and professional. Their work was clean and neat. Julio was informative about what was going on in my ceiling and how the heating fans will work.
Justin Rame
22:49 25 Apr 23
Kelly Dickinson
19:04 23 Apr 23
Kumar G
23:19 22 Apr 23
Julio and francisco were on-time, professional, knowledged, and very helpful. We recommend this company for water removal, mold removal, and other home care needs.
Steven D
17:29 22 Apr 23
John and Wilfredo did an excellent job cleaning up the flood and flood damage from the basement today I will use them again
Catherine Barra
01:29 22 Apr 23
Julio & francisco were super professional and knowledgeable. They made the stressful experience of having water damage in my home super smooth, I would definitely recommend!!
Angela Holanda
02:25 20 Apr 23
Bryan is the best! He was extremely kind and respectful in the home and did an amazing job in cleaning the water from our basement. He offered thorough answers to all of my questions and is VERY knowledgeable in his field. We are very satisfied with Bryan’s work with NE PowerDry!
lemont home services
00:00 20 Apr 23
Angelo Scarlato
17:40 19 Apr 23
Greg F., a fellow veteran, was extremely helpful in his assessment. I highly recommend.
karthik gottipati
20:52 16 Apr 23
Jeni Sanchez and Francisco Madero are hardworking and did a great job. Also the Project Manager Michael DuBios was very patient, responsive and friendly. He was very knowledgeable and spent a lot of time with me answering all my questions.
Michael Scott
20:19 16 Apr 23
I would absolutely recommend Northeast Power Dry if the unfortunate need arises. Unfortunately we had a toilet supply line that caused a mess on all 3 floors. Bryan and his crew were great. They showed up the next morning after the project manager was here and worked hard for a full day. Very professional and friendly. He answered all of our questions and took great care of us and our home. They were very thorough and made sure everything was ready to go to start drying out.
Biju Raju
22:31 15 Apr 23
DiMaggio Baseball
22:12 12 Apr 23
Crew chief Bryan Vargas Hernandez was a true professional. His work was meticulous, work was completed without any issues. So clean and precise. Highly recommended NorthEast Power Dry.
Monica Aguilar
17:31 10 Apr 23
Mario Gomez & Francisco Madero we’re both very professional & knowledgeable. They took the time to explain everything to me.
Zach MacGorman
00:22 09 Apr 23
Very good customer service everyone was very helpful and professional. Michael Dubois Julio Munoz and Francisco Wadeio where extremely good to work with and very professional
Ryan Taylor
22:55 08 Apr 23
We discovered a flood from a pipe blockage this morning - Easter Saturday morning - and contacted NE Powerdry. We were told by the rep the job would take over 4 hours. Bryan arrived on time, diagnosed the problem beyond the initial scope of work, and completely cleaned the issue and removed the impacted floor and wall in just two hours. He was friendly, professional, and took the time to answer all of our (full house of family for the holiday) questions. Was great to work with him and appreciate his thorough and quick work.
Sancheng Gao
02:17 08 Apr 23
Camille Giaquinto
16:01 07 Apr 23
This is my second time using this company & would absolutely recommend! After a water heater failure and some sewage backup, I had a basement full of water. Dave, the Project Manager, was here within an hour of my first call, he was very professional and knowledgeable, helped me through the insurance claim process and absolutely went above and beyond every step of the way. The crew was here the very next morning and they were outstanding. Explained the process to me, very professional and with all that was going on, I barely knew they were here. They were organized, efficient and took every opportunity to keep everything neat and clean and handled my personal items with care. I would recommend Northeast PowerDry without any hesitation.
Denise Talmadge
15:53 07 Apr 23
A 100% stress-free experience. Fast, professional, courteous, and accommodating. Their impeccable reputation is well-deserved.
Jack Thomas
23:12 06 Apr 23
The technology was great and the technicians were very professional. Showed up on time and explained the processes as well as when they were coming back.
Julie Washington
22:20 06 Apr 23
Mario and Edwardo were courteous and professional. They came in like the wind, ready to tackle the mold. They removed the moldy walls and cleaned up the debris. We are VERY satisfied with their work.
Nikia Reali
22:04 06 Apr 23
Amazing!!! Incredibly responsive and efficient. The Pro Dry worked directly with our insurance company for water damage repair after we had a busted pipe in our basement. They are an honest and respectful company. Gregory and Jeno were quick to respond and arrived same day. Highly recommend.
Christine Newes
19:51 06 Apr 23
Hector and Jake: very professional and did nice, neat work.
Javed Suddal
18:39 06 Apr 23
Mario. Eduardo very professnsl. And Curtiss
Gregory Guito
01:22 06 Apr 23
Julio, Munoz and Alexander were Very reliable and professional.
Sue Kasdon
13:53 05 Apr 23
Julio and Alexander were professional, pleasant, tireless, hardworking, and meticulous. They did a difficult basement clean out here in Atlantic Highlands on the night of 4/1/23. We have a lot of fragile things in the basement and they were extremely careful.
Ellen Borrow
14:54 04 Apr 23
Mario and Felix delivered exceptional professional service.
Lucille Bar-David
22:05 03 Apr 23
Jonathan Matias ,Nick Gonzales andMiles Harp were great. They did a great job and talked me through the steps, and repeatedly asked if I needed something. Very happy to have them around.
Jay Liquori
16:15 03 Apr 23
Both Brian and Bryan were a pleasure to deal with. They are in the middle of taking care of our issue and the response was swift!
Tatiana Gureeva
16:28 02 Apr 23
Hector and Felix are great 👍
Alvin Mann
23:26 31 Mar 23
Jeno was very professional and polite. 2nd time using this company, and not one complaint. Thank you.
Nicolina Garcia
23:11 31 Mar 23
Hector and Josh were extremely professional. They were very friendly, neat, clean, and accommodating. They made sure my house and furniture were safe and undamaged when they moved things to put in dryers. I would recommend this company to anyone.
chintan parekh
19:50 31 Mar 23
Francisco was great. good customer service. On time. Definitely recommend to family and friends
Nadine Paul
14:12 30 Mar 23
Auston Mario and Alex are the best!Total peace of mind from the moment they came. Very professional and helpful.
Kyhana Montilla
01:50 30 Mar 23
Amazing Job done by Julio, Luis and Alexander! Extremely efficient and professional. Job was done in a timely manner and left looking spotless!
00:32 27 Mar 23
Jason Chung
21:27 26 Mar 23
Bryan was very professional and provided great service.
Lyle Gesner
16:11 26 Mar 23
Mario and Alex were wonderful. They explained everything. Did the work quickly and efficiently. Keep the work areas clean. Made a bad situation of flood and damage very tolerable.
Audrey Mahoney
22:22 24 Mar 23
Connor Manning
18:41 24 Mar 23
Mario and Alexander worked extremely fast and diligent. Left my apartment exactly how they found it and finished the job sooner than expected.
Mark Lester Jacinto
14:35 23 Mar 23
Mario & Christian did an amazing job in dealing with our water damage and mold removal. They are knowledgeable, on time and professional. They took away all the garbage and cleaned up after they were done. I highly recommend and use their service again.
Martha Perez
22:35 21 Mar 23
Werner Nazon
21:21 21 Mar 23
Julio and Alexandro fine gentlemen and technician working to repair my damage wall they are very courteous
Kathy Woods
20:09 21 Mar 23
I should start by saying that I am QUICK to complain about bad business practices. I think that it's REALLY important for consumers know what they're getting themselves into.This company did an excellent job on my clean up. That's not to say that everything went as expected. When a situation arose, they took care of it quickly and professionally.I would use them again. I would recommend them to my friends and family.
Andreas Baumert
14:57 21 Mar 23
Jonatan and his team were fantastic. Incredibly attentive and professional. They had a big job to do and did so in a very timely manner and left a very clean job. Very considerate of the property and took great care. Would highly recommend!
Vince Matrisciano
17:49 18 Mar 23
Julio and his team were very professional and responsive. They were here late into the night to get the water out. I would recommend. Insurance paid for the cleanup, Auston walked us through the entire process and it was very easy.
Rob Adams
00:56 17 Mar 23
Julio and jorge stayed late to make sure our basement was taken care of. Much appreciated.
Ally Pappas
00:04 15 Mar 23
Mario and Nicholas did a Fantastic job in the clean up phase and were extremely pleasant and respectful. They arrived very promptly and cleaned up nicely.They made a very unpleasant situation much more tolerable.
Kim Mathis
00:42 11 Mar 23
Mario and Jorge did an excellent job
Han Lee
02:25 10 Mar 23
My water heater leaked overnight and needed immediate drying service on my walls and wooden floors. Project manager came the same day, and the crew came day after and installed all these equipments to dry out the area. Julio and his assistant (think his name was Alex) were absolutely professional and so friendly. They told me exactly what they are doing, explained the process and made it simple so that I can understand. Julio the crew chief was absolutely great. Thank you so much for fixing my floor!
Jamie Handwerker
00:18 08 Mar 23
Bryan and Mario were awesome!!!!!
Dan Parness
18:18 04 Mar 23
Mario and Felix were great! Performed water removal services for 3 rooms in our house - highly recommend this team!
Caitlin Rabinowitz
22:30 03 Mar 23
They did an awesome job, very nice and efficient