Mold Damge From Leak

Mold Damage Eradication in Bridgewater, Bound Brook, Edison,NJ

If your property gets flooded by natural disasters like flood or storm, or by a faulty appliance, you should seek professional help for immediate water removal. Extracting standing water is only half of the procedure, deodorization of the wet area is crucial for preventing mold growth.

Northeast Power Dry provides mold damage eradication service in Bridgewater, Bound BrookEdison, and surrounding areas. Call us at 888-379-7970 or contact us online, one of our friendly representatives will be more than happy to assist you!

Professional Mold Removal in New Jersey

Mold damage can thrive in any sort of damp environment. Even the slightest leak in your basement that seeps in water can create a moist atmosphere and give birth to mold and bacteria. Our team is specifically trained to combat properties dealing with mold.

We will first clean up standing water by using powerful vacuums and pumps. After that, we will dry out the area using professional dehumidifiers which will make sure every corner is dried out, and no signs of moisture remain. Then we will proceed to dry up drenched carpets, wooden contents, or any other interior content that might have soaked up water. Finally, using our industrial steam cleaner we will sterilize the whole area.

Molds might not always be visible until it’s too late. So if your basement gives off a foul smell, you should conduct professionals for an immediate mold inspection.

Mold Damge From Leak

Why Northeast Power Dry for Mold Eradication?

Our team of trained technicians specializes in water extraction and structural drying, and is constantly updated on IICRC standards. We also have 24/7 emergency service, so reach out to us at any time, and we will be there to solve your problem.

We provide all forms of water damage restoration service. Starting from appliance leak overflow to toilet overflow clean up, our team is experienced to handle it all. Just call us at 888-379-7970 or click here.

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