Frozen Pipe Prevention

Frozen Pipe Prevention in Bridgewater & Bound Brook

We often find ourselves with a burst or frozen pipe, while these might be common, they are extremely troublesome.

Over time a pipe wears down and its joint becomes loose or the wall of the pipe erodes and causes a burst. In extremely cold weather, the water inside the pipes freezes and expands, when this happens it puts a lot of pressure on the pipe walls leading to a disaster.

If you find yourself in an unfortunate state with pipes needing immediate repair, call Northeast Power Dry at 888-379-7970, we have 24/7 emergency service available in BridgewaterBound BrookEdison, and nearby areas in New Jersey.

Our expert technicians will pump out the flood caused by faulty pipes, clean up and dry the area, and repair the pipes efficiently. Our services also include all forms of water damage restoration and removal, starting from frozen pipes to clogged drain overflow.

Get your Frozen Pipes Restored in Central New Jersey

A pipe might burst because of bad plumbing, extreme cold, or erosion caused by chemical drain cleaners, whatever the reason of the burst is when a pipe bursts it can create a flood and damages wallboards, carpeting, and furniture.

The most sensible thing to do during this crisis is to turn off your water supply as soon as possible and call professional plumbers to help you out. At Northeast Power Dry, after our professionals have repaired and stopped the leak, they will take care of all the damages done by the burst. Our heavy-duty dehumidifying equipment will be used to dry the wet areas to prevent mold build-up. Then we will inspect the cause of the burst and upgrade the insulation around the pipe or locate it to a safer place to prevent future leaks.

Frozen Pipe Prevention

Causes of a Frozen or Burst Pipe in NJ

Freezing temperature
Pipe corrosion
Pipe clogging
Damaged insulation

How Can You Prevent Frozen Pipe?

Make sure your heater is working during winter even if your home is empty, the heater should be on.
In cold weather, allow water to run down the faucet, it will keep the water inside the pipes warm.
Keep the cabinet doors in your bathroom and kitchen open to allow proper air circulation around the plumbing pipes.
Insulate outdoor pipes to protect them in low temperatures.

Trust Northeast Power Dry to Help with Insurance Claims in Newark & Bound Brook, NJ

Your pipes might still malfunction even if you are following all the rules, don’t wait till the last minute to get your pipes fixed in Edison or Bridgewater, NJ. Call Northeast Power Dry at 888-379-7970 if you see noticeable leaks and possible signs of freezing pipes. Or contact us online for free moisture inspections of our services.

Frozen Pipe Prevention
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Frozen Pipe Prevention
Frozen Pipe Prevention
Frozen Pipe Prevention