Frozen Outside Faucet

Frozen Outside Faucet Repair in Bridgewater, Bound Brook, NJ

New Jersey weather can catch you off guard with temperatures going below freezing temperatures any moment during winters. If you have a faucet placed outside, you have to be extra cautious in preventing a frozen faucet. Extreme cold can freeze the water inside the water pipes, when water freezes it expands and creates pressure on the pipes causing it to burst. A frozen outside water spigot is bad news as it can spill gallons of water within seconds flooding your home.

Hence, before winter, consider insulating water pipes that are placed outside your home to minimize the risk. If you are already dealing with a frozen faucet or a burst pipe call our water damage restoration experts at Northeast Power Dry. We understand the importance of prompt service during a water disaster, our 24-hour emergency team will reach your place as soon as possible. Call our team at 888-379-7970 or contact us online. We travel to BridgewaterBound BrookEdison, and to nearby cities in New Jersey.

Professional Water Extraction

A frozen faucet means no water flow, if you notice this, thawing the faucet with some simple easy steps can prevent a flood. Firstly, open the faucet handle all the way, then wrap a warm rag or towel around the handle, spindle, and supply pipe except the faucet opening, this will warm the frozen water inside. Let the water drip for some time for proper flow.

However, this DIY thawing system might not work for everyone and you should call for professional help for the best results. At Northeast Power Dry, our team will thaw your frozen faucets efficiently and also extract the flooded water if you have a burst pipe situation. We vacuum water with our heavy-duty equipment and deodorize the area for preventing mold growth.

Frozen Outside Faucet

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