Winter Roof Damage

Winter Roof Damage Repair in Bridgewater, Bound Brook, NJ

During winter the roof of your property goes through all forms of torture. Starting from strong winds that blow off shingles to ice dams that cause dents and mold growth, the roof has to endure it all. That is why it is important to restore the roof after every winter for preventing further damages. Storms during winter is not uncommon. If your area has suffered from a storm during the winter season you should call for professional assistance for this task as it can be quite risky to climb up to the roof and fix the issues yourself.

Northeast Power Dry provides restoration services for properties in BridgewaterBound Brook, and throughout NJ. To get in touch with one of our representatives, dial 888-379-7970 or click here.
Our team has extensive training and experience in repairing damaged roofs, we also repair 
attics and ceilings that gets damaged by water.

Professional Roof Restoration in New Jersey

The main culprit during winter is heavy wind and ice dams, these can cause long-term structural damages to your property. An ice dam is a chunk of ice that forms at the edge of a roof preventing snow to drain off. Often melted snow can built-up behind the dam which can leak into your attic, ceiling, or other parts of the home. This moisture can give birth to mold and rot away wooden contents, hence immediate restoration should be done if you notice leaks after a snowstorm.

If you decide to hire Northeast, we will inspect your entire roof for leaks, dents, and missing shingles. Then we will extract the debris and seal the leaks and cracks. We will also vacuum the flooded water and dehumidify your interior if required.

Winter Roof Damage

24-Hour Emergency Water Damage Roof Response

Leaking water can flood your home within seconds drenching the contents of your home as well as creating a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Therefore, immediate restoration is crucial. We provide a 24-hour emergency restoration service. Just call us and we will dispatch a team your way!

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