Hidden Mold: 7 Ways to Find Hidden Mold in Your House

Most homeowners are aware of the harmful effects of mold. However, did you know that many people have mold growing in their homes without even realizing it?  Mold doesn’t just have the potential to damage your home; prolonged mold exposure can lead to serious health issues. That’s why knowing how to spot mold hidden within your home is important.

How Toxic Is Mold?

Mycotoxins are responsible for causing toxicity in mold—and most mold contains traces of mycotoxins.

Here are the most common toxic types of mold:

  • Cladosporium
  • Penicillium
  • Fusarium 
  • Aspergillus 
  • Stachybotrys

Why Does Mold Form In Homes?

Mold forms in homes because of moisture. That’s why basements are such a common area for mold growth. Once spores land on wet surfaces, they begin to grow into mold.

7 Ways to Find Hidden Mold in Your House

1. A Musty Smell/Odor

Uncovering Mold: 7 Ways to Find Hidden Mold in Your House

Have you noticed an odd, musty, or rotting smell inside your home? If so, you’ll want to inspect your home for mold growth. Sometimes this musty smell may indicate another issue, like a leaky pipe, which could lead to mold growth over time. If this is the case, a licensed mold removal specialist can help you take care of the issue.

2. High Humidity Levels

If your home contains too much humidity, mold growth will likely occur. Plants, humidifiers, and plumbing leaks are a few factors that may lead to an increase in humidity. A good rule of thumb is to keep your humidity levels below 50%. Investing in an exhaust fan or dehumidifier may also be beneficial.

3. Wallpaper Is Peeling

It’s normal for the quality of your wallpaper to diminish over time. That said, if you notice that your wallpaper has suddenly developed cracking, peeling, or bubbling, there is likely moisture and possible mold within your walls. In this case, you should have your home inspected for mold, just to be sure.

4. Condensation and Persistent Moisture

Uncovering Mold: 7 Ways to Find Hidden Mold in Your House

When looking for signs of mold growth, you will want to observe the condensation on your windows, specifically in the winter months. If you notice any condensation, a dehumidifier may help combat the issue. You may also benefit from having your windows resealed or investing in double-glazed panes for your windows. 

5. Dark Tile Grout

If you’ve been noticing dark-colored grout between the tiles in your bathroom, you likely have mold growth within your home. This typically occurs when water vapor has nowhere to go and becomes trapped within your tiles. A grout cleaner could help the appearance of dark tile grout, but an exhaust fan could help get to the root of the problem. If you have a window in your bathroom, it also helps to leave it open after showering, so excess moisture can escape.

6. You’re Coughing But Don’t Have a Cold

Have you been experiencing a recurring cough without an actual cold? If so, you may be inhaling mold spores. To err on the safe side, you will want to get tested by an allergist to determine if mold is the culprit. These mycotoxin spores are harmful to your lungs, and prolonged exposure can even increase your risk of lung cancer.

7. Allergic Reactions

Uncovering Mold: 7 Ways to Find Hidden Mold in Your House

Besides coughing, you may also experience other allergic reactions from mold growth within your home. This includes symptoms like sneezing, itchy skin, hives, wheezing, and a stuffy nose. Allergy testing can help figure out where the source is coming from, especially if you are someone with a condition like asthma. If mold is responsible for your symptoms, you will want to hire a mold removal company to address the issue.

Bonus Tip: Previous Water Damage Event

If there was recent water damage to your home, you may have mold growing in your home without even knowing it. Therefore, you will want to have the area inspected by certified mold inspectors. They will be able to find traces of mold in your home. If mold is found, a licensed mold removal company will help eradicate the mold before it gets worse.

Expert Mold Removal Near Bridgewater, NJ

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