Ice Dam Repairs Near Bridgewater, Bound Brook, Edison

Ice Damming

We have effective solutions to minimize water damage & prevent ice dams

New Jersey are known for their cold, snowy winters. The combination of heavy snow and subfreezing temperatures create ideal conditions for ice dams to form.

Our ice dam repair services:

Removal of gypsum board, carpeting, insulation, and other materials damaged by moisture and mold.
Drying and dehumidification.

The experts at Northeast Power Dry of Central New Jersey can repair damage caused by ice dams and water damage inside of your home. Contact us today to schedule an inspection for water damage restoration in Bound Brook, Bridgewater, Edison and the surrounding areas of New Jersey.

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Ice Damming

Two types of damage. An ice dam that forms along the eave can cause water damage due to leaks through the roofing material. The ice buildup can also damage gutters and fascia boards.

We can fix water damage caused by an ice dam

A gutter filled with ice and weighted by heavy icicles (see photo) can cause:

Injuries from falling icicles. Icicles can cause serious injury if they break loose and fall on a person. This sometimes happens when a homeowner attempts to knock them off the house.
Damaged gutters. A gutter weighed down by ice can break free of the eave and become a twisted mess.
Broken roof shingles. Freezing and thawing of water soaked shingles can cause them to break and fail. Attempts to remove ice may also damage shingles.
Wet, damaged insulation. Insulation loses its ability to resist heat flow once it has become soaked with water due to an ice dam leak. As insulation becomes ineffective, the frequency of ice dams grows.
Interior water damage. Ice dams can cause damage that ranges from stained walls and ceilings to ruined carpets, floors and furnishings. Left unattended, water-soaked materials can quickly begin to grow mold.

Solutions to minimize ice damming

Usually the results and damage associated with ice dams forming along eaves are interior water damage and ruined insulation.

One way to prevent ice damming from occurring on your home is to remove as much snow as possible from the roof. This entails the risky work of climbing onto the roof and shoveling the snow off a slippery and angled surface. A safer approach is to rake snow from the roof using long-handled snow rakes.

If ice dams have already formed and water begins coming into the house, Northeast Power Dry can provide emergency flood repairs to minimize water damage. We can also remove moisture-damaged materials, such as carpeting and wallboard.

Ice Damming

Icicles may seem like a normal side effect of winter, but they actually signal significant ice damming.

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