Roof Water Damage Restoration Services in Bound Brook, NJ

Heavy rain, hail storm, or wind can deteriorate shingles or create holes and dents, damaging the overall condition of your roof. If you notice these signs, call a professional restoration company near you as soon as possible. If the leaks are not taken care of promptly, the restoration procedure might become extensive costing you a lot more.

Northeast Power Dry provides expert water damage solutions throughout the Central New Jersey area, including BridgewaterBound BrookEdison and nearby cities. Call us or contact us online if you need immediate restoration for your leaky roof. Our certified technicians provide 24 hour emergency service.

When Should You Get Roof Inspected & Repaired?

Frequent water stains in the floors and walls– If there are no plumbing pipes near the stains, chances are you have a leaky roof.
Signs of mold and bacteria– If there isn’t any interior leak or flooding in your property but you still see possible mold growth at certain areas, it might be because of a damaged roof. Water can easily seep through the holes/dents making areas damp and causing mold growth.
Sunlight in the attic– The attic is not supposed to have any sunlight, turn off all the lights and see if there are any holes or dents through which light is seeping in to your attic. If sunlight can get through the hole, water can leak in as well.

Northeast’s Professional Water Damage Restoration

A damaged roof has the potential to deteriorate the overall structure of a property. If you plan to hire Northeast for your property, you can be assured that the service will be top-notch. Our team is factory-trained, educated on IICRC standards, and their skills are supported by cutting-edge equipment.

All you have to do is call us and we will be on our way!

Roof Water Damage
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Roof Water Damage
Roof Water Damage
Roof Water Damage