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Attic Water Damage

A water damaged attic can go unnoticed for months as this part of the home is hardly visited or inspected by homeowners. Water can seep into your attic because of a damaged roof, faulty HVAC units placed in or near the attic, and in many other ways. If this condition is not taken care of the soonest, not only will floors and walls need repair, you will have to consider mold remediation as well. Mold thrives in a moist, dark environment, and a flooded attic is the perfect place for their growth.

Hence, homeowners should get their attics and roof inspected by professionals at least once a year to avoid this potential structural hazard. Northeast Power Dry has been providing restoration services for properties that have been affected by water damage for years. Our service area includes BridgewaterBound BrookEdison, and surrounding areas throughout New Jersey. All you have to do is dial 888-379-7970 and we will be there to fix your water damage attic, roof, or drywalls.

How Do Northeast Restore Water Damage Attic in New Jersey?

Remove Damaged Contents- We start with removing contents that might have damaged due to moisture and mold.
Attic Insulation- Cellulose insulations can only absorb so much water. If your attic suffers from a major leak or flood, the insulation might have to absorb way more water than it can hold, making it ineffective. Wet insulation will be heavy on the ceiling and can cause it to sag or cave in. We will remove the drenched insulation and insulate the whole space all over again.
Seal Cracks or Holes- We will then inspect the entire attic, professionals come with years of experience and will find out holes or cracks that might not be visible to the untrained eyes. We will seal off all these holes, dents, and insulate vents as well.
Install a dehumidifier- Lastly, we will place a dehumidifier at a corner to control the moisture level of the enclosed space.

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