Shower & Tub Overflow

Shower & Tub Overflow Repair in Bridgewater, NJ

If there is a leakage in your bathtub, chances are you will not be aware of it until water sweeps into the overflow drain. This leak might go unnoticed at times and creates bigger problems in the long run. These are usually caused by a failed gasket at the overflow drain opening and inspecting the leak can be quite tricky to repair.

Northeast Power Dry provides all types of water removal and restoration services in Bridgewater, Bound Brook, Edison, and in nearby cities. Our professionals are experienced in repairing all forms of water-disasters, be it burst pipes or drying services, we are experienced to restore it all. Call us at 888-379-7970 if your shower or tub is overflowing. We have 24/7 emergency service available for your convenience.

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Along with your bathtub, you might find yourself standing in a pool of water while taking a shower. This indicates that there is a clog between the toilet and the sewer, to fix this problem the clog has to be repaired from the drain cleanout or the clog in the toilet has to be cleaned. You might feel tempted to fix this problem yourself but the little experiment might cost you a lot.

So it is better to step out of the shower and call a certified, professional plumber.

At Northeast Power Dry, our professional plumbers have the right tools and expertise to fix your shower and bathtub overflow. Our plumbing experts will assess the cause of the overflow, unclog the toilet, or repair the leak of the bathtub in the most flawless way possible.

Shower & Tub Overflow

Ways to Minimize Your Shower & Bathtub Overflow

Avoid using chemical drain cleaners as they can lead to pipe erosion.
Try not to drain oily substances in the shower.
Try to keep your tub and shower clean.
If a big chunk of hair accumulates near the drain of the tub, clean it out.

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When your shower or tub overflows in Bound Brook, Elizabeth, Morristown, Newark, and other cities in New Jersey, it is time to contact us online or give us a call at 888-379-7970 to have a certified professional plumber repair your issue and save you from the danger of self-inflicted water damages. We have 24/7 emergency service available for your convenience.

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