Sink Overflow Cleanup Bridgewater, Bound Brook, NJ

If the drain in your kitchen gets clogged it will cause the sink to overflow. If this happens, you should immediately call for professional help to unclog the drain and clean the standing water. Water damage from an appliance overflow can cause long-lasting damages to your flooring and furniture, so prompt action should be taken.

Northeast Power Dry has years of experience in damage restoration services. Our team is specially trained to combat water damages, just call us at 888-379-7970 or contact us online, we will remove the flooded water and dry the space for complete safety. We provide our services in Bridgewater, Bound Brook, Edison, and throughout New Jersey.

Professional Sink Overflow Cleanup in New Jersey

The most common reason for an overflow is a clogged drain caused by food particles and grease. If you do not scrape off your utensils before washing it, oil, grease, and food residue will go down the drain and clog the system. Also, make sure children are not playing with toys in the sink, as these toys can get stuck in the drain without your notice, and cause an overflow anytime.

While DIY unclogging methods might work, these can worsen the situation at times, so we suggest you leave it to the professionals. If you choose to work with us, firstly, we will remove the flooded water as water from a sink overflow can be contaminated. Then, we will repair the drain and run the faucet, making sure everything is functioning properly. If the flood spreads, our drying procedure will make sure every corner is moisture-free, as wet carpets or floorings might give birth to mold and fungus.

24/7 Emergency Response

We understand that water damages need immediate response and restoration. Hence, Northeast provides 24 hours emergency service for all types of restoration services, be it a sink overflow, a burst pipe, or an appliance leak. Our team is certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and is factory trained to mitigate water damages. Just dial 888-379-7970 and we will be on our way!

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