Washing Machine Cleanup in Bridgewater, Bound Brook, Edison, NJ

If a washing machine leaks, it can spill gallons of soapy or dirty water within few minutes flooding the interior of your house. This can give birth to mildew and black mold in less than 42 hours if the water is not extracted immediately and in the right way. The standing water will also be absorbed by porous materials like wooden floorings and drywalls which can result in warping leading to extreme damages to your home.

Let the professionals at Northeast Power Dry help you out from these types of disasters if you reside in BridgewaterBound BrookEdison, or nearby cities. Our experts are available on call for 24-hour emergency service. Our water removal and drying procedures are incomparable as we take pride in all our water restoration services.

Washing Machine Flood Damage Restoration in New Jersey

Swift clean-up and deodorization are essential after any type of appliance malfunction, but with a washing machine, you might be dealing with gray suds and soap water which will not only be harmful to the contents of your home but might be hazardous for health as well. At Northeast, our team will,

Inspect the cause of the leak.
High-tech moisture meters will be used to determine the extent of water damage.
Extract the flooded water from every corner.
Dispose drenched and contaminated contents like furniture and rugs.
Clean the impacted area and disinfect it as well.
Thoroughly dry the whole space with cutting-edge dehumidifiers.

Contact Northeast for Immediate Response

Washing machine hoses are pressurized, so a crack or tear can flood your home within minutes. During a time of crisis, emergency response is much needed. At Northeast, we aim to reach the affected site the soonest.
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