Structural Damage

Structural Damage Restoration in Bound Brook, New Jersey

Structural damage to your home can be caused by natural calamities like hurricane, hailstorms, and earthquake, or simply because of age. Even if the foundation of your home is constructed with the highest quality material, it is bound to get affected by one of these factors.

At Northeast Power Dry, we specialize in providing quality restoration services for residential and commercial properties in Bound BrookBridgewaterAsbury, and nearby areas.

Call us at 888-379-7970 or contact us, our trained professionals will inspect the damages and restore the structure of your home efficiently.

Signs of Structural Damages

Stair-step or horizontal cracks in foundation walls
Rust seeping out of cracks
Visible mold growth in the basement and crawl space
Tiny holes in drywalls or wooden floors
Slow drainage in your sinks
Structural Damage

Professional Damage Repair in New Jersey

Some damages are easily visible while others are underlying damages that can only be detected by professional contractors. Our team has decades of experience in the restoration industry, we will inspect the ins and outs of your property, making sure nothing misses out.

Our inspection will extend to basements and crawl spaces, where we will look for hairline cracks, underlying leaks, mold growth, and more.After making a list of all the damages that will need immediate repair, we will come up with an inspection and start our restoration procedure. We use state of the art equipment for our services and our team of technicians and project managers are continuously educated and updated on the IICRC standards.

We assure to get the work done efficiently. Northeast also provides all forms of water damage restoration services, be it appliance leak overflow or toilet overflow.

Just dial 888-379-7970 or contact us online and we will be there.

Structural Damage
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Structural Damage
Structural Damage
Structural Damage