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Water Damage Restoration & Repair Contractor in Chatham

Northeast Power Dry is the local expert for a comprehensive array of water damage restoration and repair services in Bound Brook and throughout Central New Jersey, including Chatham.

We have long been the primary regional source for a variety of restoration, repair & contractor services that include:

Water Damage Repair Services We Offer in Chatham, NJ

When you must deal with water damage caused by an indoor flood, burst pipe, high humidity or a natural disaster, you've come to the right place. Northeast Power Dry is the local expert for water damage repair services and our emergency crews are ready to respond on a 24/7/365 basis. Our services include: water emergencies, frozen & burst pipe repair, flooded basement cleanup, and ice damming repair.

Water Removal Services

Northeast Power Dry is ready to respond at a moment's notice when flooding threatens your home. We have years of experience dealing with burst pipes, leaking water heaters, sewer backups, major storms, damaged roofs and anything else that triggers indoor flooding. We offer water pumping and water extraction services on a round-the-clock basis and our mobile drying equipment can be set up in minutes. In addition to residential water removal, we also offer commercial water removal.

Drying & Dehumidification Services

Because many common building materials are porous, they tend to retain water. This leads to swelling, warping, mold damage and more. At Northeast Power Dry, we have specialized equipment the removes standing water safely and effectively from carpets, hardwood floors, cabinets, drywall, and other building materials in your home that might lead to structural damage. Our drying and dehumidification services set the industry standard throughout Central New Jersey. We also can deodorize your property.

Sewage Removal Services

Any type of sewage backup qualifies as an emergency because sewage water contains contaminants and bacteria that trigger illnesses and inflict major damage to your property. At Northeast Power Dry, our certified emergency crews stand ready on a 24/7/365 basis to respond to your toilet overflow or a sewer backup. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in the removal of contaminated water and materials with air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and other specialized equipment. We can also handle mold removal, if necessary.

Mold Removal Services We Offer in Chatham, NJ

Mold grows quickly in dark, damp places and loves to hide in hard-to-reach corners and other hidden areas. That is why cleaning visible mold is not nearly enough to address at a home or office experiencing mold growth. Instead, you need professional equipment and training to remove and eliminate mold quickly and permanently. Fortunately, the cleaning & restoration experts at Northeast Power Dry have years of experience providing complete mold remediation services. They understand that the presence of mold impacts your property value and your health. Our crews are trained to offer Our services include mold testing to determine the extent of your infestation. Once that is known, we also provide bathroom mold removal and attic mold removal at your home or office in Chatham.

Contact Northeast Power Dry for Water Damage Restoration Services in Chatham

When you need restoration services in the wake of water damage in Chatham and throughout Central New Jersey, contact Northeast Power Dry online or give us a call at 848-208-3737 We handle drying & dehumidification, water removal, mold removal & more!

Testimonials from Chatham
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Completed Jobs from Chatham
The customer had wrapped his bedroom ceiling fan with towel once he notice water leaking out of it. Homeowner
February 15, 2019
The project manager decided that for the area to dry thoroughly he would need to set up 1 large and 1 small humidifier, 4 air movers, and 3 hardwood mats. It took 3 days for the home to be completely dried.
The toilet overflowed in the finished basement bathroom Homeowner
November 27, 2019
Christopher Penrose, experienced Northeast Power Dry project manager, arrived at the home and immediately took action. He inspected the severity of the damage and communicated directly to the customer the most effective drying process. Once the area was fully sanitized, technicians installed 9 air movers, 1 dehumidifier, and 1 air scrubber to absorb the remaining moisture and filter the air. The customer’s insurance adjuster provided approval for the full cost of equipment and work set up in the basement. After just 4 days, the property was restored and all equipment was retrieved.
Before and After Job Photos from Chatham

Valve Break in Chatham, NJ

A homeowner in Chatham, New Jersey experienced a valve break in their kitchen affecting drywall, carpet, tile, padding and the cabinet. Our project manager Scott, with Northeast Power Dry, arrived on the property and assessed the damage. Scott shared the scope of work with the customer and used 1 dehumidifier, 1 air scrubber, 1 inject dry and 5 fans to clean and dry the place in 4 days.
November 10, 2020

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Pump Failure in Chatham, NJ

In Chatham, New Jersey, a customer experienced a pump failure causing a backup in an unfinished basement. Affected materials were concrete floor and drywall. Nicholas, the Project Manager, arrived on-site and he immediately took action after he discussed the process with the customer. Our technicians installed 8 air mover, 1 air scrubber, and 2 dehumidifiers to expedite the drying process.
September 14, 2020

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After Photos

Water Heater Pipe Break in Chatham, NJ

In Chatham, New Jersey, a homeowner experienced a water heater failure that occurred in the basement. The malfunction caused damage to the carpet pad, drywall, concrete, and softwood materials throughout 4 rooms in the basement. NEPD project manager, Scott Upshaw, immediately arrived on-site and thoroughly inspected the property. Upon inspection, a strong microbial was detected, he immediately communicated it with the customer, and he also discussed the next steps that need to be taken. After it was approved, our technicians continued with the cleanup and disinfection of the entire areas affected. 11 fans, 1 dehumidifier, and 2 air scrubbers were used to dry the property effectively.
July 24, 2020

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Water Main Line Failure in Chatham, NJ

In Chatham, New Jersey, a customer experienced a pipe break in the main water line causing damage to 5 rooms. The plank floor, sheetrock, baseboard, cellulose insulation, concrete floors, tile, contents, and cabinets were damaged due to the water loss. Adam, NEPD project manager, arrived on-site, and he immediately took action after he discussed the process with the customer. Our technicians installed 31 air mover, 2 air scrubbers, 3 dehumidifiers, 3 large injectidry, and 1 small injectidry to expedite the drying process.
July 15, 2020

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Sump Pump Failure in Chatham, NJ

In Chatham, New Jersey, a homeowner suffered from a sump pump failure that caused damage to walls and flooring in several rooms of partially finished basement. Upon inspection, elevated moisture readings detected in sheetrock and glue down carpet. The exterior insulated walls are affected, making it necessary to install a wall cavity drying system. When our skilled project manager arrived at the loss address, he immediately worked to restore the loss area. His crew installed 11 air movers, 1 dehumidifier, and 1 injectidry to expedite the drying process.
June 29, 2020

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Photo Galleries from Chatham

In Chatham, New Jersey, a homeowner suffered from water damage due to a kitchen line leak. Our project manager, Thomas Murin, immediately arrived on site and inspected the damage. He instructed our technicians to install 3 fans, 2 dehumidifiers and 1 air scrubber to effectively dry the property.

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This home in Chatham, NJ suffered from a rainwater flood affecting the hot water heater. This caused several inches of standing water throughout the basement. Two of our technicians arrived to dry and clean the affected areas with 2 dehumidifiers and 8 air movers.

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The customer experienced a frozen pipe burst underneath their bathtub. The water damage the 1st level bedroom and 2nd level bathroom. Our crew assessed the damage and set up equipment where it was needed to dry the areas thoroughly.

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In Chatham, New Jersey, a homeowner experienced a condensate line leak in their utility room, causing damage to the concrete, drywall, carpet, and padding in 4 rooms throughout the basement. When Northeast Power Dry received the call, Mike, our experienced project manager, arrived on-site to inspect the area and communicate the course of action to the customer. Technicians then installed 9 air movers and 2 dehumidifiers to restore the basement.

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At this home in Chatham, New Jersey, the homeowner experienced a toilet overflow in the second-floor bathroom that caused damage to 3 levels of the house. The drywall, tile, hardwood, softwood, carpet, and padding materials were affected. When Scott Upshaw, Northeast Power Dry project manager, arrived at the residence, he inspected the damage thoroughly and communicated the most effective course of action to the customer. 21 air movers, 3 air scrubbers, 3 dehumidifiers, and 1 hardwood floor machine were positioned throughout the house to ensure proper drying.

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