Broken Supply Line

Job completed for Broken Supply Line

Completion date: 2020-01-10

Location:Hampton, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

In Hampton, New Jersey, a homeowner experienced a broken supply line affecting the concrete flooring. Moisture readings were found in the utility room in the basement. The hard surface flooring was damaged. This customer needed immediate assistance in getting the situation stabilized and their home restored.

Solutions Provided:

When Northeast PowerDry received the call, experienced Project Manager, Michael Kowal arrived at the home immediately. The Project Manager coordinated communication between the crew’s, and the homeowner to find out the belongings, dry out the house, and complete the job. Once that was settled, technicians extracted the water and 4 air movers and 1 dehumidifier were used on site. The Northeast Power Dry crew, Jeiner Sanchez, was happy to work with the customer in doing whatever they could to minimize stress and restore the property.

Photos & Videos:

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