Homeowner with Clogged Drain Pipe in the Basement

Job completed for Homeowner with Clogged Drain Pipe in the Basement

Completion date: 2021-01-20

Location:Skillman, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

This home in Skillman, New Jersey, experienced a clogged drain pipe in the basement. The drywall, carpeting, padding, concrete floor, softwood materials, and moldings were affected across several rooms in the home. Our dispatch team immediately sent out a project manager to resolve the situation.


Solutions Provided:

Our Project Manager, Angelo Curro, arrived on-site within 90 minutes and thoroughly inspected the damage. He took moisture readings and communicated the process with the homeowner. Our team of technicians removed all wet materials such as carpet and sheetrock to appropriately dry the basement. After the cleanup and disinfection two of our technicians set up seven air movers, one dehumidifier and one air scrubber to properly dry the home. 

Photos & Videos:

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