Pipe Leak in Allenhurst, NJ

Job completed for Pipe Leak in Allenhurst, NJ

Completion date: 2022-01-26

Location:Allenhurst, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

This home in Allenhurst, New Jersey, experienced a pipe leak under the closet floor affecting two rooms in the home. The ceramic tile floor, drywall, carpet, and wood beam in the closet and laundry room were affected. Not knowing what steps to take, the homeowner called us to help them get their home back in order.

Solutions Provided:

When our experienced Project Manager, Trey Leggett, arrived at the home, he inspected the damage and went over the course of action to restore the home properly. The homeowner was extremely grateful that Trey was able to relieve their concerns by explaining what steps were needed. The homeowner’s main concern was how quickly we can begin the drying process. A crew out immediately and they arrived at the home in less than an hour! When they arrived, two Northeast Power Dry technicians installed six air movers, two dehumidifiers, and two air scrubber machines. In just three days, the home was dry again! The homeowner was extremely grateful for the urgency and service that Northeast Power Dry was able to provide.

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