Sewer Backup in Far Hills, NJ

Job completed for Sewer Backup in Far Hills, NJ

Completion date: 2021-02-10

Location:Far Hills, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

A homeowner in Far Hills, New Jersey suffered from a sewer back up in the unfinished basement. There was sewage across the room affecting the concrete floor, utility room, and drywall. Not knowing what to do, the customer called Northeast Power Dry to help remediate the property.

Solutions Provided:

When our Project Manager, Tom, arrived on-site, he thoroughly assessed the damage. He found out from the owner that the damage happened over a week ago.  Dried sewage was found across two rooms in the basement. After inspection, Tom sat down with the customer and discussed the process with her. Two of our technicians removed the affected drywall in the storage room, steam cleaned all areas affected, and did thorough disinfection to eliminate the sewer smell in the property.  Seven fans, one dehumidifier, and one air scrubber were installed to quickly dry the home.

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