Sewer Backup in Pittstown Home

Job completed for Sewer Backup in Pittstown Home

Completion date: 2019-06-11

Location:Pittstown, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

On Mother’s Day, a homeowner in Pittstown New Jersey experienced a pipe clog in the first-floor bathroom that led to a sewer backup causing contaminated water to cover the floor. 5 rooms within the home were affected, and with two children, a 6-year-old and a 2-year-old, it was a priority that this be handled immediately and properly. Northeast PowerDry received the call at 8 pm that Sunday night and automatically headed over to resolve the situation.

Solutions Provided:

When arriving on site, our Project Manager, Adam, contacted the insurance company and revealed that since the pipe leading to the septic tank was on the premises, the water mitigation was fully covered. Two of our experieinced technicians fully cleaned and sanitized the area that night until midnight. The technicians then returned the next morning to fully set up the drying equipment. 24 air movers, 2 air scrubbers, and 2 dehumidifiers were used to complete the job. The cleanup and setup took a total of 8 hours, and the drying was completed in 4 days.

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