Toilet Backup in Finished Basement

Job completed for Toilet Backup in Finished Basement

Completion date: 2019-03-21

Location:Allenhurst, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

A homeowner, in Allenhurst New Jersey experienced a toilet backup in their finished basement due to a clogged P trap. The toilet backup left standing sewer water covering 90% of the basement floor. The sewage affected the drywall, concrete, hardwood, ceramic tile, baseboards, and carpeting.

Solutions Provided:

Our Project Manager arrived within an hour to assess the damage in the basement. After communicating the scope of the work to the homeowner 2 crews of 3 technicians were dispatched to the home. The crews extracted water from the ceramic tile and concrete floor. The technicians then made 2 ft wall cuts throughout the perimeter of the basement. Afterwards the crew set up 35 air movers, 2 air scrubbers, 2 large dehumidifiers, 2 small dehumidifiers, and 2 injection dryers so that the drying process could begin. By the 3rd day of the drying process the basement was thoroughly dried, and the equipment was picked up. The customer was then able to enjoy a clean and dry finished basement once again.

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