Toilet Leak in Florham Park, NJ

Job completed for Toilet Leak in Florham Park, NJ

Completion date: 2022-03-01

Location:Florham Park, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

Northeast Power Dry received a call from a homeowner in Florham Park, New Jersey, regarding a toilet leak in the second-floor bathroom. The leak affected the drywall and kitchen ceiling below. The homeowner experienced several leaks before and has never used a mitigation company. This time her plumber referred her to us for professional drying.

Solutions Provided:

Northeast Power Dry Project Manager, Thomas Murin, arrived at the home within sixty minutes for inspection. Tom thoroughly assessed the damage, and he discussed the importance of drying and its long-term effect if not treated properly. The customer agreed with the scope of work and immediately approved us to start the remediation. Two of our technicians removed the materials affected by the water. After the clean-up and disinfection, two air movers, one dehumidifier, and one air scrubber were installed to quickly dry the home. On the third day, the home was dry, and all equipment was removed. The customer was satisfied with our service!

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