Washing Machine Line Break

Job completed for Washing Machine Line Break

Completion date: 2019-06-12

Location:Matawan, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

Northeast PowerDry received a call regarding a line break that occurred behind the washing machine. The customer went to a birthday party and returned home late at night. When she realized what had happened, she called Northeast PowerDry and immediately we arrived at the home. The customer was in tears and her husband was frantic because they spent a lot of time renovating their home. Of the ten rooms affected, sheetrock, carpet, ceiling tile, concrete floors, tile floors, hardwood floors, and insulation all experienced water damage. A challenge Northeast PowerDry faced was the customer’s request of salvaging as much of the home’s flooring as possible.

Solutions Provided:

Project Manager, Adam, drove to personally meet with the customer. Adam was able to assist the customer in setting up and determining a plan of action. If Northeast PowerDry was not at the scene, those issues would not have been attended to and could have potentially caused further complications in the future. Two Northeast Power Dry technicians installed 27 air movers, 4 dehumidifiers, 3 hardwood machines, and 1 air scrubber in order to successfully dry the affected areas. After just 3 days, the home was dry and the equipment was picked up! Due to the promptness of Northeast Power Dry, we were able to salvage the floors of the home and the customer was extremely grateful for that!

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