Water Heater Failure in a Commercial Property

Job completed for Water Heater Failure in a Commercial Property

Completion date: 2020-02-18

Location:Piscataway, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

Northeast PowerDry received a call from a commercial property in Piscataway, New Jersey, regarding a water heater failure that has caused damage to 15 rooms in the property. Moisture readings were detected in the drywall, insulation, vinyl cove materials, and in the bathroom ceiling. This customer needed urgent assistance in getting the situation stabilized and their business back to its normal operation.

Solutions Provided:

Northeast Power Dry project manager, Scott Upshaw, arrived on-site and immediately took action after communicating the scope of work to the customer. Two crews began to remove the baseboard on all rooms and some laminate floors to appropriately dry the affected areas. To mitigate this loss, our technicians installed 40 fans, 5 dehumidifiers, 4 inject dry, and 1 air scrubber to fully dry the property. After 4 days, the property was dry, and equipment was retrieved. The customer was highly satisfied with the service we provided!

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