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Carpet Water Damage Repair in Bridgewater, Bound Brook & throughout NJ

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If interior flooding drenches your carpet, call Northeast Power Dry at 848-208-3737 right away. We are your local, water damage restoration company tackling property damages from water for years. 

Carpets are meant to beautify homes but small accidents like a burst pipe or a plumbing malfunction can flood the interiors of your home and ruin your carpet. When interiors flood, your carpet acts as a sponge, soaking up all the water. And this does not only deteriorate the carpet but gives birth to mold and fungi which can create serious health hazards.

So if your property floods, contact us, we will dispatch our emergency team to your place right away!

We provide all sorts of water damage restoration services along with commercial water removal, and deodorization in Califon, Bridgewater, Bound Brook, and nearby areas.

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Cutting-edge Carpet Cleaning in Central New Jersey

At Northeast Power Dry, we have a full-proof process to clean and dry your wet carpets, presenting you with a dry, sanitized version. Our two-step damage repair method makes sure every inch of your carpet is dry and clean.

  • Steam Cleaning- We will use a hot water extraction method to make sure your moist carpet is free of any form of bacteria or mold. Because molds thrive in moist environments, so along with drying, we emphasize on sterilization heavily. The steam cleaning method will remove stains, dirt residue, and odors completely.
  • Aqueous ozone Cleaning- We have recently introduced the famous aqueous ozone cleaning procedure into our carpet restoration procedure. This process will kill every form of allergens or pathogens.

Trust Northeast Power Dry for Carpet Water Damage Repair

Call us at 848-208-3737 if your carpet needs professional cleaning.

  • Our staff are trained and IIRC certified
  • We provide 24/7 emergency service
  • We will guarantee complete satisfaction
  • We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau
  • Our team is specially trained to mitigate water damages

Call us at 848-208-3737 if your carpet needs professional cleaning.

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