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Winter Water Damage Restoration

Winter Water Damage Restoration in Bridgewater & Bound Brook, NJ

Along with chilly temperatures and snowfall, winter brings with it an increased risk of water and moisture damage to your property. Your roof and basement are the top two vulnerable places that need to endure winter chills. Ice dams can leak water inside, on the other hand, a frozen pipe can flood your uninsulated basement.

If your property suffers from water damages during winter, reach out to Northeast Power Dry at 848-208-3737. Our service area includes but is not limited to Adelphia, Bridgewater, Bound Brook, and surrounding areas. Our team is experienced to mitigate all types of water damages, some of our mention-worthy water restoration services include frozen/burst pipes repair, mold remediation, and structural drying.

Winter Water Damage Restoration

Causes of Water Damage during Winter

  • Ice dams and snow - Ice dams that form around the edge of the roof can leak water inside your home causing a flood.
  • Frozen pipes - If water pipes are placed in the basement, crawl space, or outside of your home, the low temperature can freeze the water inside the pipes. This will cause expansion and the frozen pipe will ultimately burst. A burst water pipe can release gallons of water within seconds and flood your home.
  • Uninsulated basement - An uninsulated or poorly insulated basement is at risk during winters. Snowmelt or rain might pool around the edges of the house and lead to basement flooding.
  • Clogged gutters - Gutters direct water away from the foundation of your home, unclean gutters will not function properly, and as a result, water can spill from the roof.

Top-rated Damage Restoration in New Jersey

Insulating the basement and water pipes, and cleaning the gutters before winter is a wise decision. However, accidents can still happen and you might find yourself emerged in knee-length water after a snowstorm or heavy rainfall. If that happens call our damage restoration experts at Northeast. We are trained and certified by the IIRC. Upon reaching your property, we will extract standing water, discard damaged contents, and dehumidify the affected area for safety.

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