Broken Faucet Pipe

Job completed for Broken Faucet Pipe

Completion date: 2019-08-05

Location:Flemington, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

In Flemington, New Jersey, a homeowner suffered from a broken pipeline to the faucet in their partially finished basement. The break caused about 2 inches of standing water to affect the area. The flooring was made up of asbestos composite. When the basement flooded, the asbestos flooring began to decompose and lift, and for the safety of the homeowner, and their family, the asbestos materials needed to Additionally, the tile flooring, wood paneling, baseboards, and walls suffered damage.

Solutions Provided:

When Northeast PowerDry Project Manager, Adam, arrived at the home, he inspected all of the damage determined the most effective course of action in restoring the home. Adam was able to aid the homeowner in getting approval from their insurance company for the asbestos removal. Once the water was extracted and the asbestos was out of the home, technicians installed 25 air movers, 2 air scrubbers, and 2 dehumidifiers. The Northeast PowerDry team was able to effectively and quickly resolve the situation.

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