Dishwasher Leak

Job completed for Dishwasher Leak

Completion date: 2021-01-06

Location:Madison, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

This homeowner in Madison, New Jersey suffered from a dishwasher leak that affected two levels of their home. After they noticed the water leaking, they shut off the water but there was already a substantial amount of damage. The basement and first floor were affected along with the linoleum tile, basement ceiling, and drywall. The cabinet in the kitchen experienced water damage as well. Although the damage was quite serious, it was nothing our technicians could not handle!

Solutions Provided:

Three technicians started the cleanup process by removing the dishwasher and damaged flooring in the kitchen. Then, they removed the affected area of the ceiling basement. After removing these affected areas, our crew used 2 dehumidifiers, 9 air movers, and 2 air scrubbers to begin the drying process. After three days, the affected areas were dried. The homeowner was very happy and satisfied with our services!

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