Homeowner with a Pipe Break

Job completed for Homeowner with a Pipe Break

Completion date: 2020-03-09

Location:Skillman, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

Northeast PowerDry received a call from a homeowner in Skillman, New Jersey, regarding a pipe break that occurred in the wall between the coat and utility closets of the home. There was water damage throughout 9 rooms on the first floor of the house. The hardwood, carpet, padding, baseboard, cabinet, tile, and sheetrock materials were affected. Some of the homeowner’s personal belongings were wet due to the severity of the leak. The customer wanted to save all of the hardwood floors in the hallways, kitchen, and dining room areas. Northeast Power Dry provided the homeowner with assistance in restoring their property.

Solutions Provided:

Within the hour of the initial call, Northeast Power Dry project manager, Adam Steig, arrived at the residence. Adam inspected all wet areas thoroughly by taking moisture readings in each room. Adam communicated the scope of work to the customer and assisted in filing an insurance claim. 26 air movers, 4 large injectidry machines, 5 hardwood floor machines, and 2 air scrubbers were needed to dry the home effectively. Northeast Power Dry was able to salvage the hardwood floors, as the customer requested. Additionally, Adam decided that air scrubbers should be installed for the elderly homeowner’s safety. After 5 days, all 9 rooms were completely dry, and all equipment was retrieved.

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