Homeowner with Mold in Drywall

Job completed for Homeowner with Mold in Drywall

Completion date: 2019-03-20

Location:Randolph, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

A Rehab facility in Randolph found mold affecting a portion of the dry wall in the hallway. Tenants of the facility noticed a mold odor and that the drywall was damp, so they called for our services. Water had been seeping through the foundation in that area every time there was rain.

Solutions Provided:

2 technicians were sent to setup up 2 air scrubbers in the hallway. Then later, 2 more technicians were sent to spray the serum to rid the area of mold. The customer was very pleased to no longer have mold growing in the facility.

Photos & Videos:

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