Injector Pump Failure

Job completed for Injector Pump Failure

Completion date: 2021-01-20

Location:Hamburg, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

A homeowner in Hamburg, New Jersey experienced an injector pump failure that occurred in the basement causing water to cover the floor. Laminate floor, contents, drywall, and baseboard materials were affected. Northeast Power Dry had a Project Manager there in less than ninety minutes. 

Solutions Provided:

Northeast Power Dry project manager, Scott, immediately arrived on-site and thoroughly inspected the damage. After inspection, Scott sat down with the homeowner and discussed the drying process. Once the work was approved, two of our experienced technicians removed the sheetrock and laminate floor to ensure proper drying. There were ten fans and one dehumidifier installed to dry the basement. 

Photos & Videos:

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