Pipe Break in Basement

Job completed for Pipe Break in Basement

Completion date: 2019-02-20

Location:Mendham, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

The homeowner in Mendham, New Jersey experienced a pipe break in the ceiling of her basement gym. The water affected the drywall in the out walls and ceiling of the basement, including the insulation in the ceiling. There were substantial amounts of water on the floor of the basement, affecting the homes gym equipment and mats.

Solutions Provided:

There were 3 crew technicians sent to the residence to install the equipment. 12 air movers, 1 dehumidifier, and 1 air scrubber were needed to dry the area properly. After installing the equipment, the crew proceeded to remove the sheetrock and insulation to ensure thorough drying. After 3 days the affected areas were dry, and the equipment was picked up. The customer was able to enjoy their dry gym room.

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