Pipe Break in Bathroom

Job completed for Pipe Break in Bathroom

Completion date: 2019-03-22

Location:Allentown, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

A homeowner, in Allentown New Jersey, experienced a pipe burst behind their toilet on the second floor. The water ended up affecting the bathroom and hallway on the second floor. The flooding also caused water to seep through the kitchen ceiling causing partial stains and some of the ceiling to cave in. From the kitchen the water continued to damage other rooms on the 1st floor including the den and laundry room. They immediately called Northeast PowerDry to help them get their home back in order.

Solutions Provided:

Our Project Manager arrived to the home quickly to scope out the damage from the pipe break. Shortly after communicating the work needing to be done with the homeowner our Project Manager had a crew out to do the work. Two technicians were sent to the home to begin taking down more of the kitchen ceiling, remove the affected baseboards, remove the vanity in the bathroom, and remove a portion of the drywall. These steps were necessary to begin the drying process. Once the removal process was completed, the crew installed 30 fans, 3 dehumidifiers, and 1 hardwood machine with 2 mats. On the 3rd day of the drying process, the home was dry, and the equipment was picked up. The customer was very pleased to have a dry home again.

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