Pipe Burst in Basement

Job completed for Pipe Burst in Basement

Completion date: 2020-06-05

Location:Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

This homeowner, in Atlantic Highlands New Jersey, came home and heard running water in their home. The problem that they faced was that a frozen pipe had burst in the basement. This resulted in standing water in approximately 80% of the partially finished basement. There was about an inch of water on the cement flooring. Our technicians had extract the standing water by pumping it out for approximately 30 minutes.

Solutions Provided:

Our Project Manager arrived within an hour to assess the damage in the basement. He communicated the process with the homeowner and then quickly got a crew out to the home. After the standing water was pumped out, our crew was able to start the drying process. It took 2 technicians 5 hours to pump out, sanitize, and set up the equipment in the affected area. The technicians placed 8 air movers, 2 injectidry, and 1 dehumidifier. The homeowner was happy to see that the home was dry once again in three short days!

Photos & Videos:

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