Sewer Line Backup

Job completed for Sewer Line Backup

Completion date: 2019-12-09

Location:Chatham, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

At this home in Chatham, New Jersey, a homeowner suffered from a main sewer line backup that contaminated 6 rooms in the finished basement. The drywall, trim, carpet, padding, framing, tile, and concrete materials were damaged. The backup happened overnight and the customer noticed the next morning. The area needed to be sanitized and dried, and all affected materials needed removal.

Solutions Provided:

Experienced Northeast Power Dry project manager, Mike Kowal, arrived at the residence and immediately began remediation efforts. He inspected the damage and communicating all necessary actions to the homeowner. The unsalvageable materials were removed to avoid future complications and the area was steam clean sanitized. Technicians then installed 13 air movers, 1 dehumidifier, and 1 air scrubber to effectively dry the home.

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