Sprinker System Pipe Break

Job completed for Sprinker System Pipe Break

Completion date: 2020-02-07

Location:Somerset, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

Northeast PowerDry received a call from a retirement community in Somerset, New Jersey, regarding a pipe break in the overhead sprinkler system. The leak occurred in the main lobby area, damaging the tile flooring and walls. Water continued to seep through the floor of the lobby, spilling into the gym room below. The ceiling tiles, carpeting, drywall, and window were affected in the gym. The loss happened in the middle of the night, and the property owner reached out to Northeast PowerDry first thing the next morning to ensure an efficient and effective solution.

Solutions Provided:

When our experienced Project Manager, Adam Steig, arrived at the property, he immediately began to inspect all damaged areas. Adam communicated directly with the owner to determine the best course of action. Since it was the sprinkler system that was leaking, a mixture of water and glycol were affecting the structural materials. Adam noticed that the carpeting in the gym room was stained a brownish color and had begun to smell. The extensively damaged section of the carpeting was neatly removed, and all areas were sanitized. Technicians installed 22 air movers, 2 air scrubbers, 2 dehumidifiers, and 4 large injectidry machines to properly restore the building. After only 4 days, all equipment was retrieved, and the property was restored.

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