First Steps to Take When Your Basement Floods

1. Address Health and Safety- First things first, it is important to keep children and animals away from the water. Depending on the source, there is a chance the water could be polluted with fecal matter or dangerous chemicals. Wearing protective clothing when going into the basement is a necessity. Boots, gloves, goggles, and even a respirator is reccomended when being in a flooded basement.

2. Deactivate Services- Before entering the basement, make sure all services are turned off. This includes electricity that should be shut off at the main breaker panel and the gas valve being closed at the outside meter. On the other hand, domestic water might have to be turned off at the street to stop a running water tank or burst line.

If your basement ever floods, make sure to follow these steps immediately for your own safety and to prevent any further damage.

First Steps to Take When Your Basement Floods
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