Get Your Plumbing System Ready For Summer

Follow these simple tricks to get your home ready to go for the summer!

1. Check Your Hot Water Heater
With the high temperatures of the summer, your hot water heater is not utilized as much as it is in the cold months of the winter. Start draining your water heater tank to eliminate unwanted buildup. It is also important to inspect the heating elements and take a look at the gas burner to see if anything needs to replaced. Checking your water heater now could prevent unwanted damage in the future!

2. Prepare for Vacations
Floods and leaks often take place when your plumbing system is not in use due to pressure buildup. Before you leave for any summer vacations, remember to turn off your system by using the main water shut-off valve.

3. Make Sure Your Sump Pump is Functioning Properly
A failed sump pump can cause an unthinkable amount of damage to your home. There are two ways to test your sump pump system:

  • Unplug your sump pump and replug it. If your sump pump doesn’t turn on right away, it most likely needs to be replaced or repaired.
  • Pour a 5-gallon bucket of water into the pit of the system and watch the water level to make sure that all the water is removed from the hole.

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Get Your Plumbing System Ready For Summer
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