How to Prevent a Pipe Burst/Signs of Worn Out Pipes

How to Prevent Pipe Bursts and Signs of Warn Out Pipes
Pipe bursts can be unpredictable. Even when you think everything is in good condition, there could still be an underlying issue.

Signs Your Pipes are Likely to Burst:

Rusty Pipes– After a long period of time, it is common for pipes to begin rusting. The more rust that covers the pipe, the more vulnerable it becomes to bursting. The material the pipe is made of, the condition of the water that runs through, and how often they are used are all factors of how long it will take till it gets to the point of rusting. If it is noticed that the pipes are starting to rust, it is recommended to replace them as soon as possible.

Hard Water– This term refers to the type of minerals that are running through the water. Although the consumption of minerals such as magnesium and calcium are not harmful to humans, they can be harmful to the pipes. The build up of these minerals in the pipes can slow down the flow of the water. Corrosion is also another issue that is common with these minerals. The pipes can break down to a point where it can create holes and allow access for the water to flow out.

How to Prevent a Pipe Burst/Signs of Worn Out Pipes

Bad Installation– If your basement ever floods, make sure to follow these steps immediately for your own safety and to prevent any further damage.

Signs of Worn Out Pipes:

Stains on the wall– If there are stains on the wall, that normally is a sign that pipes are leaking. Any minor leak could still have a large effect on your home. Seeking help from a professional should solve any issue before the mess becomes more extreme.

Discolored water– If the water is basically any other color than clear, that could mean the pipes are rusty. Brown and yellow water discoloration is a good sign of rusty pipes. As mentioned before, the rusty pipes should be replaced to prevent any potential damage.

Lower Water pressure– There are many factors that could cause low water pressure. Two of the main being the buildup of minerals (Hard water) or potential pipe leakage.

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