Toilet Supply Line Leak in New Providence, NJ

Job Completed for Toilet Supply Line Leak in New Providence, NJ

Completion Date: 2021-07-27

Customer Type: n/a

Location: New Providence, NJ

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Job Number: 21-0072-WTR

At this home in New Providence, New Jersey, a homeowner suffered from a toilet leak that occurred in the master bathroom. The drywall and framing in the recreation room were affected. Northeast Power Dry Project Manager, Tom, immediately arrived on-site and thoroughly inspected the damaged areas in the home. After inspection, Tom explained the process with the customer and all affected areas were thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Our technicians then installed four air movers, one inject dry, one dehumidifier and one air scrubber to dry the home properly in just a few days.

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Toilet Supply Line Leak in New Providence, NJ

Photos From: 2020-10-02

This home in New Providence, New Jersey, experienced a toilet supply line leak. The leak has caused damage to carpet, drywall and baseboard materials in the laundry and recreation room of the property. Northeast Power Dry project manager, Scott, was sent in to evaluate the damage. Scott decided the best plan of action was for two of our technicians to disinfect, steam clean, and extract the affected areas. After the cleaning process was complete, our technicians installed 3 air movers and 1 dehumidifier to dry the remaining areas.

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