Septic Back up in Highland Lakes, NJ

Job completed for Septic Back up in Highland Lakes, NJ

Completion date: 2021-08-04

Location:Highland Lakes, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

Septic backup occurred in Highland Lakes, New Jersey, affecting the utility closet in the unfinished basement. When the customer realized what happened, he immediately called Northeast Power Dry to help restore their home.

Solutions Provided:

Our Project Manager, DawnMarie, immediately arrived at the home and thoroughly inspected the damage. She showed the homeowner the extent of the damage and all materials affected. DawnMarie communicated the scope of work with the customer and their insurance company. She quickly received approval for the work needed. Our technicians started work the same day to ensure no further damage would occur. Unsalvageable materials were removed and all areas were sanitized. There were eleven air movers, two dehumidifiers and two air scrubbers set up to properly dry the home in three days.

Photos & Videos:

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