Sewer Backup in Port Monmouth Home

Job completed for Sewer Backup in Port Monmouth Home

Completion date: 2020-01-09

Location:Port Monmouth, NJ

Why did the customer contact us?

In Port Monmouth, New Jersey, a homeowner suffered from a sewer backup in the basement of their home. The clog occurred the day after the Thanksgiving holiday. The concrete, tile, ducts, insulation, and ceiling materials were damaged throughout 3 rooms in the basement. The customer had previously contacted a different company to mitigate the loss, but was unhappy with the results and still needed assistance in resolving the situation. Therefore, Northeast Power Dry was called to ensure that effective and efficient drying tactics were used.

Solutions Provided:

When Northeast Power Dry project manager, Adam Steig, arrived at the residence, the basement was thoroughly inspected. Since the water loss had been affecting the home for a more extended period of time, some affected materials were unable to be salvaged. Adam communicated the full scope of work with the customer. Technicians extracted the sewage and sanitized the entire area. They then installed 14 air movers, 2 air scrubbers, and 2 dehumidifiers were required to dry the basement. After only 3 days, the home was restored, and all equipment was retrieved.

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